Friday, November 24, 2006

Offseason Training

I evaluate the success of the past season and decide what objectives I need(or want)for the upcoming season.For 2006 I focused upon weight loss,improving my spin and expanding my participation in the BNS race series. In hinesight met my objectives.

With that in mind I`m gonna tweak my offseason training to tackle my performance issues somewhat differently for 2007 to inlude......

A - Cadence

"...if your legs hurt more than your lungs, increase cadence. If your lungs hurt more than your legs, use a lower cadence....if you lack the super cardiovascular power to ride efficiently at high cadence, weight training can help you develop tolerance to lower cadence, higher watts per pedal stoke riding..."
Ken Mierke

I have started a more disciplined weight training plan for the winter rather than my usual "ad hoc" approach to gym work. Specifically targeting lower body, back and abdominal work.Last year I improved my high cadence spin but think I am more suited to a lower cadence based on my genetics.I`m more a "Jan" than a "Lance".

B - Core Strength

"...increase core strength, which will help put more power to the pedals by providing a solid platform for the lower body to push against....we will address transferring strength gains from the weight room into power production to the pedals...."
Kathy Zawadzki

I have been doing core strength exercises in my gym routine but will accelerate the routines, specifically adding "plank/bridge" routines and additional Swiss ball abdominal exercises.

C - Climbing

"The good news is that you can improve your climbing regardless of your genetic makeup...if you think you`re to big to become a better climber, work at it..."
Fred Matheny

Good solid gymwork,spin classes and attention to diet to develop a strong base followed by a Spring of hill training will better prepare me for the 2007 race season. No point denying the obvious. Lugging 200lbs over the big climbs is my Achilles tendon. If I can zone in and improve my climbing skills I stand a better chance of hanging with the pack.

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