Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rookie Mistake or Arrogance?

It was a beautiful day for a ride as the fast group left Bedford on the club ride. Once on Rocky Lake road I grabbed some shots of the lads but then noticed my sensor for the computer was making contact with the magnet or spoke.

Having let the group pass me on the right as I was in the middle of the lane snapping pictures I was off the back by the time the digital camera got tucked back in my jersey pocket. Stupidly or arrogantly I tempted fate by reaching down to pull the sensor attached to the fork outward rather than stop and loose complete contact with the group.

Yup......a spoke decided to de-skin my thumb and also left a nasty little gash. At first I thought I just jammed my thumb against the fork but soon noticed blood on my BRAND new white bar tape....ugh! I had full fingered gloves on so didn`t notice the damage.

Oh was I pissed! In a sense I`m glad the wireless cycling computer sensor was lost in the accident as now I can justify getting a good old fashioned Cateye. The wireless was a royal pain in the chamois, fickle and unreliable. Good bloody riddance.

Man....the thumb hurts like a beotch but it`s a small price to pay for my terrible lack of judgement and could have been far worse. Some days I just gotta kick myself for being so stupid. I guess I`ll just add it to the perpetual work in progress known as the History of Human Absurdities.

Yup....I guess I could author the primer on WHAT NOT to do on a bike.....

Don`t hammer across wet train tracks on an angle.
Don`t go out drinking the night before the first race of the year.
Don`t use water bottles too small for your cages, especially during a race when you have no one in the feed zone.

and now......

Don`t reach down to adjust a wireless sensor on your fork, regardless of how big the sensor is.

Stupid is what stupid does.

Geo(dum and dumber)

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The Dickinsons said...

Ouch! Or as Steve would say to me..."You didn't calculate the Henley factor." I think it's in our blood! hehe ;)Hope the thumb heals fast!