Sunday, December 17, 2006

Game Faces and Bike Lust

LOL.........didn`t realize I looked so damn angry when in my goalie mask. Geesh....and that was on my way out of the dressing room before the game.My intense game face? Or simply the mask pushing my jowls up into an appledoll face.

Today was the last Sunday of hockey until the New Year. I absolutely sucked hard the first 30 minutes. Couldn`t stop a bloody beachball. That said I found my groove and ended up playing fairly well for the rest of the day.

The core strength workouts are definitely showing some good results in nets. Hopefully a winter of core work will also show a difference on the bike come Springtime.

Awwwww......Christmas time.(sigh). I managed to get past Halloween with some semblance of dietary control and avoided the kid`s accumulated junk food surplus. Now if I can get through the holiday season with an equal diligence then I should be in good stead come 2007. The temptations are everywhere and drink everywhere you go.

Found out that a fellow club member got himself a brand new Cervelo Carbon Soloist road bike.I`m happy for him cause he`s a great guy and strong rider but I`m overwhelmed with a serious case of bike lust. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO....that is one sweet ride. One sure would go nice with that CSC jersey I picked up on EBAY. Send all donations to......(wink).

Anyway.........Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah everyone.Best wishes of the Holiday season.


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