Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bike Art

What started out as a few of my favorite pics from the club website, personal collection,internet and a variety of cycling magazines ended up morphing into an entire panel of my work station.

Sure beats looking at the gross color of the office panel and reminds me of better pursuits on those days I`m not busy making a living.



Anonymous said...

very cool

Nicole said...

Hey George!
How are you?
Mom has Xmas cards here for you guys that I thought she had already told you about but I just found out that I was supposed to let you know! Anyway, even though it's a little past xmas, if you are in the area feel free to drop by and get them-plus I still have Josh's sweater here. My number here is 454-7525, talk to ya soon!

George said...

Oh yeah.......the sweater. My bad. I`ll be in touch.


林依晨Amber said...

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