Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Good Day! Increased Endurance.

Good to see all the gym work is paying dividends. Went to Nubody`s this morning with the intention of doing some core work but decided to do the spin class instead. Lately I have been opting out of spinning if I managed to get in the Saturday morning hour class.

It was a decent class and the legs felt real strong, as did the lungs. The funny thing is I always seem to play ball hocket better if I get some aerobic work in beforehand. You would think it would be the opposite? It`s one thing to lightly spin prior to two hours in nets but quite another to really push the pace and work hard.

Needless to say I felt prime in nets today. Ironically I gave up a five hole goal to lose the first game after the squad rallied from a 4 goal deficit to tie at 9 goals. Ray crossed half court then moved to my right as he neared the top of the key. I was moving sideways to compensate, not expecting a shot as he had his head down, when he snapped a hard low shot. I knew it was trouble from the moment the ball left his stick and tried to squeeze the pads together but, alas, there was the winning goal. I guess my cheeky comment from Mr. Brodeur`s book bit me on the

The second game was a different story. I played well in the first, albeit losing the match, but rebounded with my best effort to date. Yowsers....I made scandalous saves I had no right to make.....including several breakaways. Laterally I was quick, position wise I seemed to be able to be where I needed to be, my vision was sharp and, most importantly, the fatigue factor was absent.I`m sure the increased endurance can be attributed to my increased core strength and aerobic fitness. Back in 2006 I was exhausted entering the last 40 I could have played much longer.

Hopefully this will translate well to the bike once the 2007 season starts in the Spring.


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