Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year, Glycemic Index and Core Strength

Hard to believe it`s 2007 already. Time flies when the winter weather is mild.LOL. I don`t believe in New Year`s resolutions so I won`t claim to have made any. That said I am determined to enter the 2007 cycling season is top form. As a result I have managed to leave behind the dietary excesses of the holiday season with a good focus on my nutrition and exercise regimes.

For me it sems to be a three tiered approach. The last couple years I focused on primarily road cycling skills;improving my spin, bike handling and group riding techniques. Last year I added some basic core strength routines to my aerobic base and in the last quarter of 2006 really accelerated my core strength routines to include both traditional,swiss ball, plank and medicine ball exercises. The one tangible result is my wonky lower back has never been better!

The third tier is my current focus on nutrition and better eating habits. I`m considering taking a nutrition 8 week seminar through Nubody`s starting late January but have also taken a personal initiative effective January 1.

I have decent eating habits and possess a good sense of dietary issues but decided to investigate the Glycemic Index(GI);something I was aware of but only in a cursory sense. After some research on the net and some book reading at Chapters I realized developing eating habits based on the GI is very revelant to my wellbeing.

In a nutshell foods high on the GI are digested quickly thus causing a sudden increase in blood sugars. The pancreas will then release insulin as a result which flushes the excess of blood glucose into the cells where it gets converted to fat. Foods low on the GI are digested much more slowly thus avoiding the spikes in blood sugars and subsequent insulin response. They also give you the full feeling longer and prevent the urge to snack.

In most cases it`s simply about limiting refined foods(high GI)and eating more unrefined foods(low GI). Add lots of fruits and veggies and lean protein while watching the portion size and your`re golden.

It`s not a diet but simply eating smart. I can do this. In fact for the first New Year`s Eve since I began drinking alcohol I didn`t have a beer. Go figure! No chocolate as well. Geo gives up beer and chocolate? Determined to be in good shape for the 2007 BNS race schedule or a sign of the coming apocalypse? Time will tell.....(wink).


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The Dickinsons said...

Hey Geo!
Happy New Year! That way of eating is great...Steve and I followed that "diet" hard core for months before our wedding and we felt great! Steve lost quite a bit of weight and we still make a lot of the recipes from the GI book. There are tons of yummy recipes in there, if you buy the book. I'm sure you can follow that easily! Good luck!
PS. The nutrition class sounds awesome...just wish I lived there and could take it with you!