Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Revolution Halifax!

No Che Guevara influenced utopian ideal. Just a worthy charitable cause on April 27th for the Dartmouth General`s pursuit of a new CT-64 scanner.

It`s an indoor cycling event held in downtown Halifax and looks like it would be alot of fun in support of a good cause. I have registered as part of Cynthia Moulin`s team (pedal pushers) and now just need to start raising funds. My aim is $200 which means I would cycle for 2 hours. The more coin raised the longer I

If anyone out there in cyberland would like to contribute to my effort please click on "sponsor a participant" then "sponsor an individual" and search for me (George Henley). Thanks in advance.


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Laura said...

Hi, this is your cousin Laura from Toronto (Kay's daughter). Are you still going to participate in this event? I work at a hospital and I know how important CT scans are. If you are still going to participate, maybe you should post it again to remind everyone.