Friday, January 26, 2007

Sartori Valpolicella Arco Dei Giovi 2005

Friday night`s selection in Geo`s wine night. From Verona Italy it is a very dry red wine that isn`t to bad in my plebian opinion. Remember.....I`m no wine expert so take it all as a grain of In truth it was a special one time 1 litre selection being promoted by the NSLC. The price point was good at about $12 Canadian so that was definitely attractive in a non pay week..

The gal working the wine kiosk was taking a couple bottles home tonight as well so we promised to compare notes.

It was a busy week at work but I am gradually losing weight(weighed in under 204 this morning) but getting stronger. Feeling prime. This whole eating smart is working and I`m not having the cravings of the past.

OK....back to the wine. My wife is not working tonight so I have company....which is rare for a Friday night. Guess I have someone other than the cat or plants to talk to tonight.(wink)

Rumor has it Cari and Steve have successfully made it to Aussieland..........way to go kids!


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