Sunday, January 28, 2007

Strong Legs and Kicked Arses

It was a productive weekend, albeit, in a time sense much to short. How come the recreational days fly by yet the work days linger?

Saturday I got in my usual core strength work along with the hour spin class. It was a good class and the legs were strong. Pushed real hard and managed to have a great workout. Hard to believe but 3 of the lads in the club rode outside in temps that were as low as -20(ish) with windchill. Yikes.......they are better men than

Sunday I was back at the gym but was lukewarm about spinning. My legs were stiff from Saturday`s class so I was just planning on doing some stretching/ab work in preparation for the afternoon`s ball hockey. Needless to say there was a bike left come start time so I hopped on....(of course) and ended up doing the class. Legs were less strong but it felt good to spin them during a moderate effort.

Ball hockey started out well with a good warmup but quickly descended into a mess. We had Tim and Shaun, the 2 strongest players on our squad but also the 2 weakest out of a side of 6 players. The opposing team was made up of 6 good all round players and the better goaltender. I knew it was going to be a long day when I let in the first goal on the first shot when it deflected off a foot. Needless to say the other squad quickly assumed control of the tempo and really took advantage of our weak defense. Shaun and Tim rarely were on the floor together so, offensively, they were isolated and marked. We got smoked........10 - 1. I played OK but quickly got frustrated with the lack of support. Started second guessing myself, quickly lost my focus and let in some soft goals. In laymen`s terms I just got my arse kicked.

We did a trade for the second match, giving up one of the weakest players and getting one of the all rounders. It paid dividends immediately and we bounced back to win the second game 10 - 4. I felt and played much better as our acquisition, Karl, played with solid defensive skills. I was not spectacular but steady.

Weighed in under 203 lbs this morning. Whooohoooo.............down from 213 lbs in the last week of December. Heading in the right direction. 195 lbs by Spring would be prime.

Thanks to Jim and Darla for their support for Revolution Halifax.Much appreciated.


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