Friday, February 16, 2007

Gabe, Retro Jerseys and a 2004 Nottage Hill Merlot

"In just a few minutes Gabe and I will go to work together for the last time...I'm going to miss the tender way he put his chin on the bed of the patients so they could stroke his head while they told me of special dogs they have had.... I can think of no better way to ease the burden of our parting than to know his love, his joy, his gentle sweet nature changed the world...."
Kay S

Cyclesmith,a local bike shop, are changing their team kit for 2007. Wow....kinda a retro look. I like it. I look forward to seeing it at the races this year. Whatcha think like?

Friday night.Tonights selection is Hardy`s Nottage Hill, a 2004 Australian Merlot. So to celebrate my sisters relocation to Aussieland,Gabe`s graduation and the spirit of Applegirl`s dedication in training the medical assist dogs considering the inherent heartbreak that comes with each parting I say, albeit with some sadness, "Cheers. Well done all."



The Dickinsons said...

who does the adorable dog belong to?

The Dickinsons said...

ahhh sorry...i read on about Gabe...what a special puppy and what a special kind of person to train such a dog.
i really enjoy your wine pics...nicely photographed.