Sunday, February 18, 2007

Geo`s Favorite Cycling Pics Part 3 - Sunday Night Edition.

Whew..........busy day today. Got in some core strength work before the spin class in the AM and played my usual afternoon ball hockey. I played well but ended up losing both games. Alas....such is life. The temps were nice today.......just around 0C and sunny. Hmmm......could Spring be just around the corner?

Gets me thinking about balmy cycling weather and that is a perfect segue to my special Sunday night edition of pictures. These were taken in the summer of 2006 at the Cyclesmith Tuesday night Crit series....a great event held in the abandoned Shannon Park, a former military housing park. It will eventually be the site of a new stadium for the HRM.

Gerard drafting the mystery gal - a strong rider and at the front for most of the race.

Robert drafting teammate Jeanne, who looked like she was having a blast if the smile is any indication.

Robert taking the inside line heading into the second corner.I was focused upon the mystery gal when Bobbie entered the frame. I didn`t actually even see him when I snapped the shot.

Gerard cornering - check out the concentration on his face.


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