Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Geo`s Favorites Cycling Pics - Part 2

Riverport Road Race June 2005.

I cracked the frame of my bike during the Truro crit in May and was bikeless for my favorite race of the schedule. I showed up with my camera to snap some shots of the race but was conscripted to work the feed zone for Karen and Cynthia.

In two consecutive laps I was unable to get Karen any bottles as our exchanges went South each time. I was feeling rather pathetic. On the third lap I knew Cynthia would need some water and was feeling the pressure when, at the last moment, Mrs. Ju took the bottle from me with a look of motherly concern for my inexperience at feeding cyclists going by at 30kph.

Cynthia was looking for me in the feedzone and didn`t notice Mrs Ju calling her name so at the last minute Jeanne`s mom sprinted along side Cynthia and got her attention and sucessfully made the exchange. While this was happening I snapped the shot. I especially like the expression of the girl over Cynthia`s shoulder.



The Dickinsons said...

it's cool the way the story that goes along with the picture can really make the picture come to life! great pic!

Jeanne said...

I love that pic George! It's priceless the way you captured the feedzone pass. Reminds me of those View-Master 3-D Pictures because it actually looks 3-dimensional! (: