Saturday, February 10, 2007

Geo`s Favorite Cycling Photos....Part 1

In the winter it is tough to find blog fodder. Bear with me and my ramblings but in the meantime I will periodically post up some of my personal photos shot either on the bike or as a spectator.

I did get to the gym this morning and managed to get in some great core work using both the Swiss ball and medicine ball. I also attended the one hour spin class for a rousing indoor cycling session.

Afterwards I got out to the shop to sign up for tomorrow`s meet and greet with Yarmouth`s Sealevel Cycling`s Jimmie Atwood, who will do a presentation on his cycling trip to Europe/Alps back in October 2006. The photos are awesome. I look forward to hearing about the details. If you wanna see some cool pics check out the site.......

Ran into some of the lads returning from a brisk February ride(yikes), had some java and talked about training, the coming race season and, of course, bike gear. Kris actually shattered his chain(3 month old Dura Ace)stomping out a climb but managed to keep from crashing. Methinks it`s the start of an urban legend.A powerful cyclist and overall good guy who told me today he will race Senior 2/3 this coming season. I`m sure he and his new Cervelo will do find.Just check the chain more

Jeanne - thanks for checking out the blog. It began at the prompting of my sister who was living in Montreal(now in Austrailia) as a way to keep in touch but has morphed into this online journal.

OK.......I was searching through my photo archives and found these.....

1 - Gautam,Garfield and Murray - Purcell`s Cove - Summer 2005.
2 - Andrea cornering at the Truro Crit - May 2005.

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