Saturday, February 03, 2007


Today was the first Saturday in forever that I didn`t train...either on the bike or in the gym. Why? Josh had his first Kumite class......where the kids actually spar against each other in a competition style practice. Ended up costing me near $100 dollars to purchase him gloves, groin protector and mouthguard but methinks it is worth every penny if it keeps him interested in karate.

He a meek kid and I`ve questioned his ability to be agressive but he did get into the competition and even managed a discreet arm pump in response to scoring a high kick for 3 points. There is a club tournament in a couple weeks so he is game to compete. I`ll strap on my hockey chest protector and become his punching bag to help him work on his combos in the meantime.

Back to the gym in the AM for spin then off to hockey in the afternoon.