Friday, March 30, 2007

Black Towers, Skinsuits and Club Rides.

In tonight`s induldgence I have a 2005 Black Tower Riesling. "A deliciously crisp fermented to obtain elegant,floral aromas....". A nice light fare to enjoy on a Friday night.

The club skinsuits are a go......Louis Garneau has started production of the 2007 club kit order. The pic is what we ordered,albeit,in team colors. Only 8 of us opted to invest in the suits but with the Cyclesmith ITT series(8 events), the BPCC Toonie Time Trial(3 events) and at least 2 ITT`s on the BNS racing schedule thus far they should be put to good use. My fear is a clydesdale like me might more resemble an overstuffed Octoberfest sausage rather than a time trialist but time will tell. If anything it is a vivid reminder that a glass of wine is OK but not the whole bottle....(wink).

Beautiful day today but the weather may turn cold tonight. I`ve got a free morning and I`m itching to get in a club ride but the cold temps accentuated by gusty winds might mean spin class is the best option. At least the warmer one anyway.

One month away from the first race of the year.....AMP supercrit.(Yikes)


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