Friday, March 16, 2007

First Ride, Rieslings, Spartan Abs - Yup....It`s Friday!


Tonight I have a 2005 McWilliams. I know.......I`m stuck on the Aussie wines. I actually purchased a bottle of Masi(see previous post)and a McWilliam`s Shiraz but then tried a sample tasting of the Riesling.Unlike the German varieties this was not as sweet......"Crisp, steely and lively...offers a delicious complexity that pairs well with shellfish and Asian cuisine." It turns out I was planning on making a shrimp stirfry for supper so I just had to purchase a bottle.(wink)

Delicious! Good call Geo(cudos to the lady at the wine kiosk too).

So......while the family was away in New Hampshire on March break I got lots of gym time,did my first road ride of 2007, had a fabulous Thai meal,my first martini and saw the movie "300" at the Imax. was awesome. Nothing like Spartan abs of steel to make a middle aged Canuck wannabe bike racer work harder at the Great movie....violent(it is a war flick) but done in a tasteful that an oxymoron?

Tuesday was a great day. Sunny and 6C so I got out on the bike after work. First ride of 2007. I did a "Tour of Clayton Park" that included some Fairview hill climbs and Parkland Drive aerobar testing. Since my aerobars were not ajustable(and too large for me) I did some "re-engineering" with a hacksaw.Methinks they will work fine.

Sure felt good to be out on the road. That said we have a winter storm advisory coming in for tonight...high winds and,possibly,up to 15 cm of snow.Hopefully this is winter`s last gasp. Sunday ball hockey is over in three weeks as well so it`s time to think "bike". I`m getting the fever....found out yesterday the Cyclesmith crit series will be moved to Wednesday nights which means no conflict with Josh`s karate. Hoorah.......I`m there with bells on! Sweet!


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Laura said...

The next time Mom and I come down to visit Grammy and Emily, we'll definitely pop by for your shrimp stirfry. It looks delicious.