Friday, March 02, 2007

March Fury, African Cuisine and Yellow Tails.

A March snow storm notwithstanding I indudged in a bottle of 2006 Yellowtail Shiraz from South Eastern Australia. Several months ago I was in the NSLC when a girl noticed I had a bottle in my basket and exclaimed...."Where did you find the Yellowtail. It is an awesome wine..."

I didn`t end up getting that bottle so decided tonight I would give it a go. It`s OK but far from my favorite. That said I do have a bit of a sore throat tonight so maybe it`s unfair to make any judgement.

The Ghanian students next door in the adjacent townhouse were cooking up a scoff tonight. I`m not sure what the dish was but it was very spicy and pungent.I noticed they were loading up several vans with trays of foods so maybe there is a wedding or an African holiday this weekend? Regardless my house smells like an exotic restaurant. bad they didn`t send me over a sample. Perhaps the pungent spices might have helped my scratchy throat.(sigh)

Oh close to Spring to get sick now.Is wine an



The Dickinsons said...

i knew a woman in montreal that swore that drinking hot red wine cured a sore said even when they were kids, that's what they had to drink when they had a sore throat.

George said...

Yay....the D`s are back online!BTW - it morphed into a head cold. Nothing serious...just a nuissance.