Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fickle Weather, Body Armor And TheTour of Clayton Park - Part 2.

Managed to get my first road ride of 2007 in last week, just a jaunt around Clayton Park. Went to the gym this morning and got in some core/ab work but decided to opt out of the spin class. Went home, geared up and decided to go for a bike ride.

The sun was shining but the temps were cool....-7 with windchill. Cudos to the guys who cycled all winter cause it was a cold, abbreviated ride this morning. Stayed out till I couldn`t feel my toes or fingers in a brief round 2 of the TdeCP.Hard to belive it went from so warm on Friday back to the deep freeze today.At least while on the bike.

Ball hockey this afternoon....only a couple weeks left then I will switch over to the Sunday bike training.I played well today even though I got shelled 10 -1 in the first game but bounced back and won the second 10 -6. With 20 minutes left I began to get abdominal cramping....between the heat of the gym and dehydration I was feeling the "love". Two hours of fast tempo ballhockey in a hot gym wearing ice hockey "armor" meant I was a little sweaty....(wink).


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