Friday, March 23, 2007

Training Rides, Frontera Sauvignon Blanc, Angels and Bike Maintenance.

The weather today is absolutely wonderful....sunny and warm. I`m talking "get home from work and put on shorts and soak up the March sun nice" weather. I got the bistro patio set out and settled in with a bottle of Frontera Sauvignon Blanc, a Chilean with...."citrus and peachy aromas...fresh and well balanced..." Nice!

After a glass of wine I got the bike out and did some basic maintenance and rode around the block with the local kids and placed last in the Harlington Crescent crit.....some of the youngsters are fast!(wink).

Looking forward to Saturday morn.......the lads are assembling for a fast training ride at 8:30 followed by a leisurely paced early season club ride. The weather should be cool but prime.A few of the lads will be debuting new rides for 2007 so I`m planning on getting some pics...fair might be their backsides as they drop my sorry arse.

Hey....wanna know what it`s all`s the link to the bike shop. Not a bike club but more of an extended family.....

Applegirl is soon to be be a mom to her new pup,another medical assist dog in training. Thank God for Kay and her are the best!

OK.....time to send my Princess to bed and feed the Prince on a Friday night.

Weather permitting I`ll be suffering tomorrow....compliments of the lads in the fast group. Till then ....cheers!


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