Monday, April 02, 2007

Aussie Slang....A Primer.

LOL........compliments of my sister`s blog from Down Under....... were hoping to brush up on some Australian slang, here's a few expressions I hear everyday, all day. Keep in mind that Australians speak fast, so these expressions usually involve all the words running together...
1. "How you going?" (Australian version of our "How are you doing? or "How's it going?").
2. "Ta" (Australian version of our "Thanks". They say this for hand them their credit card, "Ta", hold the door open for them, "Ta", ask them to hold for a moment on the phone, "Ta"...Anyway you get the point. This expression seems a bit odd to me.
3. "Yeah, you're alright." Remember...this one especially has to be said fast, with all the words running together. I'm noticing that Australians say this A LOT. If you ask to try on clothes at the store, they say, "Yeah, you're alright", you say you're going to heat some water for tea, they say, "Yeah, you're alright." The list is endless. This is one of my favorite expressions and I find myself using it already.
4. "G'day". This one is pretty straight forward but really is used a lot. "Mate" is often added to this as well. I find men use it more often and often say it to me when I speak to them on the phone.
5. "Toilet", not "Bathroom" or "Washroom". I still find asking where the "toilets" are rude. It just doesn't sound polite, but that's the way it's done here.
6. Mail here is referred to as "Post". So, when you speak to someone and they need something mailed to them, they ask you to "Post it out" or post it to them. I told one lady that we'd mail her stuff out right away and she's like..."No Dear, I need it posted to me." To avoid confusion, I've started saying "post" when I speak to people at work.
7. Nothing is done "right away". It's always "straight away".
8. You don't go to the "drugstore" here, you go to the "chemist".
9. You don't "rent a movie" here, you "hire a movie". Hire=Rent.
10. "Ground beef" is called "Mince" here.
Anyway, I think that about covers the basics. I'm sure this list will grow with time! I have to say, I like the Australian accent. It's especially cute when you hear kids speaking in a thick Aussie accent. I don't know that I'll pick up the accent but I can definitely see myself adopting some of the expressions...

Thanks Cari....sorry for the blatant rip off.(wink). Crikey!


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The Dickinsons said... worries! glad you enjoyed it! you'll be able to practise your aussie accent for when you come to visit...;)