Friday, April 13, 2007

Captain Morgan, Deadman's Island and Ghost Walks.

I can feel your sense of dismay that I have not decorked a bottle of wine tonight as is my usual custom.(wink). Instead I have opted for a glass of rum to chase away the bone chilling dampness of a miserably gloomy April Friday night. The 13th no less.

That said it was the perfect opportunity to take the kids out and do some research on Josh`s school project on Ghosts. To get a different edge I suggested we visit local haunted sites and get pictures of him for his presentation in or around the reputed hauntings.

One site we visited was Deadman's Island, a jut of land in the Northwest Arm, that I have cycled past numerous times but did not even know existed. It was used as an internment camp for Yankee POW`s during the War of 1812 and many of them are buried there in unmarked graves. Recent legend has it that as local development encroached on the area orbs of light were seen among the construction sites in agitated states. The ghosts of American dead?

We also visted a couple churches, the old city courthouse/graveyard, Citadel Hill, Historic Properties, The Armouries and Alexander Keith`s Brewery. Gotta admit the only ghosts I thought of there were those of my college

After a successful club ride last Saturday before the winter storm I did have great expectations for this weekend. That said today we had snow,rain,wind and damp, depressing weather.Tomorrow may not be any better so I might opt for the gym and spin class. Here`s hoping Sunday morning will present an opportunity for a ride before my last afternoon of ball hockey.

Till then....with all due respect for the martial traditions of The Warden of the North and all the ghosts of the past I will induldge in another rum.Seems somehow appropriate for a haunted old seaport huh?

Memorial for the American dead at Deadman`s Island.

Knoll on Deadman`s Island.

The rest of my pics were taken on film so Josh could add them to his presentation. If there are any other interesting shots I`ll add them once I have them developed.



Nicole said...

Sounds like a cool project!

The Dickinsons said...

i SO enjoy your posts! that's very creepy cool about the ghosts! i really find ghost stories so interesting and there's so many haunted places in NS! there's also, the Five Fisherman and the Cellar in Bedford, if he wants to talk about some haunted restaurants too...i watched a very cool show about the hauntings there...anyhooo, hope the rum was tasty...a very fitting drink for a spooky Friday the 13th!