Saturday, April 21, 2007

Club Ride Recap - April 21

It was an awesome day today with sunny skies and mid teens temps. It was also a day of contrasts. I got out to the fast training ride at 8:30AM and started well but then got dropped on the hills leading to the turnaround. I also got dropped in the run -in to Bedford. Ugh! Talk about being demoralized. Two weeks ago I did much better and seem to have taken a step backwards. That said that is what fast training rides are hard and push till you cannot push harder. Still....these are guys I will race with and right now I`m thinking I shouldn`t bother.

I`m ahead of where I was in previous April`s but not near where most of the lads are at in terms of power and speed. It`s my usual nemesis....hills. I just plain suck lugging 204 lbs over the climbs. That begs the question....why have I been unable to drop weight. Other than a little wine on Friday nights I have stopped drinking beer, scrutinized my diet by making wise choices based on the Glycemic Index and avoiding junk(fast) foods, focused on core strength and cardio work at the gym. I should be lighter? Folk look at me and are surprised I still weigh in over 200 lbs. about frustration!Why? I pulled into the shop at 10AM I essentially decided to just pull the plug on competition this year because I just don`t have the genetics, fitness nor, aparently, the desire to race.

After signing up some new riders I jumped in the 10AM club ride and opted to ride with the novice group in support. A ride leader/sweep role to assist the new folk over the course and offer encouragement. It was a good, albeit slow, rewarding ride in the sense that all the new folk had a great time and were excited about joining a road cycling club. Maybe I should shed the racing delusion and focus on more of a club cyclist role.Perhaps it is a better match for my abilities?

The AMP Supercrit is next weekend but I`m confident I will not compete. Not only does the course not suit me but with my current lack of confidence it would be a waste of time. The Cyclesmith crit series starts next month and I`m looking forward to competition on Wednesday nights. hills

So here is my quandary. Tomorrow at 1PM there are two rides; a faster paced 100K through the Rawdon Hills or a 70K moderate paced ride out of Enfield. The competitor in me wants to suffer with the fast guys but the realist in me thinks a 30kph average ride with the ladies might be the best option. What to do?

Pic - some of the fast lads before the training ride this morning.


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Laura Blacker said...

I find that you only get better when you work or do activities with people that are more experienced than you are. They make you push harder.