Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spidey Senses are Tingling - First Club Ride of 2007

No.....actually it is my legs returning to life after having them ridden off this morning. I did the early(fast)training ride and then the club ride immediately afterwards. Turns out the club ride was almost as fast as the training ride in addition to the headwind that came up on the return to Bedford.

Legs did well considering it was my first substantial ride since November and I felt strong on the bike. The spin class/core strength regimen this winter has paid off. The last 5km were tough but I managed to suck wheel and hang on, albeit after a couple of the lads were taking it easy on me.(wink)

In comparison to previous Springs I`m way ahead of where I was in the past. No stats tho....forgot to reset my computer.That said if you factor in my slow paced ride around the city last week(28k at about 26kp average)the total including today was.....

106.16 km
28.5kph average
62kph max.

I took my camera but found out there were no batteries so I don`t have any pics.Doh!That said Jose posted one up on the website after he revealed his new time trial helmet today complete with customized Spiderman graphics. Neat idea since ITT helmets are rather bland.


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