Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Recap - April 15

Tired legs! That sums it up. I was a bad boy last night and ate and drank way too much while out on a sociable with friends. I was feeling a wee bit seedy this morning after some beers and wine but the sun streaming through the windows meant an actual Spring day. Up and at em!

Afrer a couple coffees I geared up and went for a ride out to Bedford. Ended up seeing all kinds of cyclists on the roads including club members Kari, Venetia, Susan and Adrien.(see pic).They were doing the "around the basin" loop. I rode a couple k`s with them but then turned around as I had my last day of ball hockey in the afternoon.

Hockey went well. I was steady and played well in backstopping the squad to victory. It wasn`t as hot as I expected in the gym so that was a good thing. The legs were tight after the morning's bike ride but performed admirably in nets.

Home to a shower and then over to the playground. I promised Chelsea I would take her to Northcliffe for some play time and there was no way she was gonna relent. Oh well......a Time magazine, cup of Tim's finest and a bench.

Good luck to Murray, Kris, Jeanne and Paul who rode Wolfville-Roubaix, an unofficial eraly season race on some muddy, rough Valley roads. I look forward to the ride recaps.

Managed a 29KPH average over 30KM,did my first Flamingo Drive climb of 2007 and 2 solid hours of ball hockey. Not a bad day! Hockey is now done till October 2007 so it`s time now to switch over to cycling full time. The AMP race is two weeks away but methinks I might not ride it unless I can get in some serious training. Never seems like world enough or time to train nowadays. Alas........this too shall pass.



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