Sunday, May 27, 2007

2007 Provincial ITT - Update

The weather could not have been more perfect in the Annapolis Valley for the Provincial 40KM time trial held in Centreville. Sunny skies,moderate winds and temps in the 20C range.

The race was delayed due to some unforseen circumstances,including a spike in attendance over last year`s event.Registration fell behind schedule but the hosts, Annapolis Valley Cycling Club,had absorbed the waiver/insurance fee to registered triathletes with Triathlon Nova Scotia.That did result in some additional delays in processing and bike check.Good idea though...a little cross pollination among sports is always beneficial to all.

Off the start ramp I felt good and the first 10KM went well. I fell into a good cadance, the new skinsuit felt great and the legs responded well to the start delay. It was the second 10KM that hurt. In my category,Master B, there are several strong riders and three of them started behind me at 1 minute increments so I knew I would get caught. At 12KM Donald passed me, Jose at about 17KM and Tom at the 20KM turnaround. Nothing like having the wind taken out of your sails by being passed thrice but at least they were all fellow Bicycles Plus club riders and contenders for the podium.

Once past the turnaround I hydrated and bounced back from a disappointing second leg of the race. I do tend to get stronger as a race progresses. The wind was not a big issue today but it was a tailwind after the turnaround so mentally any little push helps keep the pedals spinning. Just before the 30KM mark I passed Eric who started before me so that really got me feeling positive and the last 10 KM I concentrated on finishing as strong as possible. One of my aerobars loosened but I was still able to maintain decent form and sprinted for the finish line.

My cycle computer failed me again and was missing about 5KM from the total.My nerves! My ending average showed a distance of 34.96 and an average of 35.5KPH but I`ll take that with a grain of salt. I guess I`ll wait for the official stats to be posted online.

Sure can feel the effort in my legs and arse though........(wink).

Edit - stats are up on Canadian Cyclist. I placed 12th of 17 competitors in the Master B Cat with a time of 1:06:27(36.2kph average).Set a PB by bettering my result from 2006 by 1:29.

Pics(courtesy of Katy Martins) - Me at the start ramp.
Graham, myself and Jose awaiting the start.
Heading to the finish line.


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