Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brooklyn ITT - Update

Lousy wet rainy weather notwithstanding I opted to ride the Brooklyn time trial today. It was one lap of the road race course and consisted of rolling hills with a couple big climbs on the back stretch.

I was the second Master B to depart and had some strong riders following at one minute increments. Fear(of being passed)is a great motivator so I pushed myself right from the start. It was only a 20 km loop but the rolling hills made it tough to get in any groove as you were in and out of the aerobars. Knowing the couple big climbs on the home stretch I did drop to the small ring on the third leg to try and save something for the climbs but sacrificed some speed as a result.

It worked out well since I did make it to the finish line without being caught which was my main objective. That alone made the race a success. I managed to catch and pass the first rider off the line so that was good,though in his defense he was without aerobars.

I`m not sure what my final stats are since I forgot to stop my computer when I crossed the line as I was trying hard to keep breathing after a sprint to the finish. After a recovery ride and slow return to the staging area I realized my error.Doh!

I`ll post up my placing and time once the race organizers place the results online. I am feeling quite confident after todays short time trial which is a primer for the Provincial ITT next weekend. It is a 40 km race but without the hills of Brooklyn. Note - results are up. I finished 4th with a time of 35:20 which gave BPCC the top four placings for the Master B Cat.

Pics - Me sprinting to the finish while Graham(winner of Master C race)watches my less than stellar sprinting form.

Part of the club team pre race waiting for the call up to the startline.


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