Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fire In The Belly - Weekend Update

It was a good weekend for cycling and getting that burning desire back in the belly. I got out for the (faster) training ride on Saturday at the last moment. I was heading to the gym when, at the car, decided to suck up the iffy weather and go cycling. In hinesite it was a good call. Felt good riding with the fast guys and didn`t get dropped. Even managed to hang with the pack on the hills, albeit moderate rollers might be a better description.

This morning I got out with Murray and three of his med school buddies early at 7:30 for a spirited jaunt around Peggy`s Cove. We dealt with a gusty head/crosswind for most of the ride that also included a wide spectrum of weather;sun, cloud, light rain and even some hail. May in Nova Scotia.....go figure!

My cycle computer suxs but based on Murray`s stats I figured it got in about 94K`s with a 30kph average. Respectable numbers considering the weather conditions and my lack of distance training. I`m feeling it in the legs but it is a good feeling;the lactic acid feeding the fire in the I`m feeling much more confident about the Brooklyn ITT scheduled for mid May.


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The Dickinsons said...

hail in may?! you're not making me want to move back anytime soon!!!