Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Night "Non" post!

Indeed! This is my Friday night non post. I`m sorry but considering it is the SPRING long weekend and feels more like March with wet, cold, damp miserable weather I just don`t have the motivation to even remotely sound optimistic.

Add to it the fact I got some kind of annoying chest congestion and cough, a time trial scheduled for Sunday in the rain and the fact my spouse is actually scheduled to work a Sunday day shift(that never happens)I cannot help but feel I`m the victim of a vast conspiracy to keep me off the bike.

So in complete rebellion I bought myself a six pack of Corona to simulate sunshine in a glass and intend to set my chamois-less arse in front of the TV and drink beer and eat Little Ceasar crazy bread while avoiding the glare off my fish belly white legs. That should be prime.........pack on some more pounds so that BPCC skinsuit I ordered in January and will get tomorrow at the club kit party will make me resemble an overstuffed Octoberfest sausage even more.



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