Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Motivational Kick in the Arse; T de CP, Face Book and ITT`s. month means a new me. Stop the whining and time to get a fire back in the belly. So what if I can`t allocate the time I need to train because of work/family obligations. Guess I need to become creative and adaptive in my regimen.

It was a nice night so I took advantage of my window of opportunity and got out on the bike for a quick Tour of Clayton Park; some Fairview hills, Dunbrack sprints and Mainland Commons criterium practice(fast corners)in just over an hour for 20km of saddle time. I could have got a better workout at spin class but I need to get my comfort factor on the real bike and, to do that, I need to get outside and ride.

Tomorrow Josh has karate and Mon`s not working so I`m hoping to do some Purcell`s Cove hill climbs while he is in class since I won`t have Chelsea to cater The Brooklyn ITT is less than 3 weeks away so I really need to get on the bike. The weekend is looking good weather wise so I`m anxious to spend some time suffering with the fast guys.

Oh yeah....I`m on facebook now as well is anybody wants to be friends...(wink). Speaking of distractions......this cyber stuff is neat but time consuming for sure.


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