Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Update - Club Ride and Digging in the Dirt

Woe is me. It`s Sunday night already.(sigh)

Got out for the club ride on Saturday. Was running late so I hoped to catch the fast training group on the climb out of Bedford so I parked on a side street and planned on jumping in as the group passsed. In getting ready I realized I was underdressed as the gusty wind kept the temps cool. I neglected to bring any water and forgot my spare tube.......ugh! Then I saw the guys pass and, completely annoyed, I decided not to gear up and chase but just go the shop and ride the 10AM social ride.

That went better as I was in a moderately fast group of eight riders and managed to get in a fast 40k ride and salvaged the day from a lousy start.

Sunday there was a fast training ride over the Brooklyn race course but I opted out as it was Mother`s Day and Mon didn`t have to work. It would be a family day but I did get out for a quick cycle around the city in the morning.Spent the afternoon out in the yard with Chelsea preparing my garden and flower beds; transplanting, tilling and adding compost and manure. Rasberries are looking good, rhubard is thriving, chives are up and my Purple Coneflowers are peeking through. I expanded my veggie patch and plan on raising some cherry tomatoes this year.

Out to East Side Mario`s for supper and a full belly of penne pasta with Bolognese sauce with grilled vegetables and ceasar salad. Oh.....and a beer.MMMMMMMMMMMM.


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The Dickinsons said...

mmmmmmm...east side marios......i love that place! it's a good thing i don't live in canada anymore because this diet would be much harder to follow with all those yummy places to eat!!!