Thursday, June 21, 2007

Alpha Dogs, Spinach and Rain - Vacation Day Four

Yup........rained cats and dogs today, at least in the morning and early afternoon. No bike ride but I did get to the gym for some core and upper body work. Managed to do the CS Crit Series last night and had a blast. Fun, fast and furious. Not many riders but those there rode hard but safe.

Seems we have some dissent in the BPCC`s Masters racing ranks as one competitor annouced today he was gonna race for another club next year. It`s an unfortunate situation where we have too many podium contenders riding in the same Cat. I don`t know the details but I surmise we have a couple alpha dogs competing for the leadership of the race group who have differing opinions on race strategy.Those racing egos......(sigh).

Decided to refocus on my diet as I have fallen off the wagon.Started cutting back on the refined carbs/processed foods and gone back to simple, basic foodstuffs. Bought a container of baby spinach and will start eating more fresh salads, fruits/veggies and lean protein choices. I guess the beer has to go as well. As this vacation week ends so will my indulgences with the golden nectar until my next vacation week later this summer.

Ugh...calling for rain again tomorrow. Looks like spin class is on the radar for the morning and I`ll see how the day goes. Hopefully Saturday will be nicer for the club ride.

Investor`s Group Triathlon is next on the schedule. I will ride the bike leg as part of the Team event. I see there may be some more competition this year as a couple BPCCers are also considering putting teams into the mix. Should be fun.