Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy As A Bee.

Nah...not really. The bees were busy around the back deck today but I was kicking back getting some sun on my pale body. I know that it is not vogue to sunbath nowadays but it just feels so darn good. To quote Edwin," ...ain`t it good to be alive,to feel the sun strong against your face..."

I planted some kind of flowering perennial for a patio plant and the bees just love it. While watching the insects hard at work I realized bees are pretty amazing critters.I remember reading somewhere that scientists don`t understand how they fly because their size, wing span and lack of aerodynamics should preclude them from flight.

Day two of my vacation week. Weather came around by Noon with some sunshine but the winds were gutsy. Tucked in the corner of the back deck it was toasty hot so I think I`ve left the pasty white winter flesh behind.....lol.A nice golden brown...at least on the front side. Walked down to the gym mid afternoon and did some strength training and core work then walked home afterwards. Tried running a little on the way but before I even think about that I need new running shoes. Yikes....I thought cycling was tough. This running racket is nasty!

Home to a shrimp stirfry for Josh and myself,a couple beers and longingly looked out the window at a nice evening. Kevin B was cycling tonight but I`m at home with the kiddies. No biggie - heading to the Shore tomorrow to visit with Mom but hope to make the CS Shannon Park crit Wednesday evening.


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The Dickinsons said...

Happy Vacation week! Give Mama a kiss for me!