Monday, June 25, 2007

In All Seriousness! IG Triathlon. was a great week off work and very enjoyable to just kick back and relax. Nuff said......back to work today. I`m a routine guy so it`s kinda good to get back in my "day job" groove and, of course, a new found focus for the bike.

The Investor`s Group Triathlon is this weekend and I will ride the cycling leg for Team Biome. Yesterday I geared up the bike with aerobars although the course can be ridden without them as it is fairly hilly. I`m just hoping the return 10K back to the start/finish and the gradual descent towards Lake Bannook will facilitate the use of bars to gain a little additional speed.

Went out on Kearney Lake road yesterday for some sprint intervals while in the bars to zone in the aerodynamics. Back out tonight and did a 15K mock time trial in swirling winds and ended up with a 34.6kph average. Not too bad. Aerodynamics felt decent but a time trial specific bike would be real nice instead of road bike geometry tweaked to become more aero.

Looks like tomorrow night I might either try to get to the gym for some core strength work or maybe an easy spin on the bike. Weather dependant. Wednesday night I will skip the CS crit series and do a 20K time trial. I`m thinking the Bedford Highway so I can make use of the bike lanes.

There should be serious competition this year in the Team event.Should be lots of fun but I think Team Biome will be hard pressed to repeat as champs. That said Jim has really improved his fitness this winter and,as the swimmer, his performance really dictates the tone of the race. Paul is a strong runner and I`m feeling confident I can match or better last year`s result. Never say never.


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The Dickinsons said...

sounds like you're well prepared! good luck!