Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Perfect Saturday.

Awoke to a sunny day and the usual Saturday club ride. There was a good turnout and I jumped in with the fast guys for a moderate pace out to Fall River. The spin out to Laurie Park and back to Bedford saw an increase in the tempo and the last 10K developed into a hammerfest. It was a blast. Fast but safe riding.

Home to the back deck where I got some sun on my pasty white body while transplanting my root bound houseplants. Accompanied with a few cold beer it was definitely a good back yard afternoon.

Out to Applebee`s for some more beer and food with friends complete with good conversation. Back home to catch a spirited hockey game on the TV.

Yup....a good day!

The Provincial road race is being held today in Yarmouth which I cannot attend. Distance and my domestic situation makes the logistics difficult so I have opted out again this year. Good luck to all the club racers. Some non racers are heading to the Valley for a ride on quiet country roads but I think I will plant my vegetable garden this afternoon and might do an easy solo spin at some point.


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Anonymous said...

I wish I had a wee tiny bit of your energy George. You look like you are in great shape and having a good time. Way to go! Hope all is well with you guys and also hope we get to see everyone over the summer.

Carol Snyder