Sunday, June 10, 2007

Road to Riverport-Weekend update.

A week from today I will(hopefully)be posting a race update after completing the BNS rad race at Riverport hosted by the Lunenburg Bike Barn. It was my first ever race and remains my favorite. A 28km loop(3 circuits)along the Lahave river on a relatively flat course of gentle rollers and one moderate climb. A good course for us heavy vertically challenged cyclists.....(wink).

Last week I was unable to make the CS Wednesday night crit or even the gym due to family obligations so heading into Saturday I was anxious for a good long Saturday club ride. The weather cooperated and I managed to ride out to the shop,the club ride(including a fast jaunt out to Laurie Park and back) and home to Halifax via Dartmouth and the "around the basin loop". Probably around 75K and the majority of it spent at a tempo between 30-40KPH.

I actually felt strong considering my lack of activity the previous week and bridged a gap on the Fall River Hill and crested the climb strong, maintaining 28-30kph. Nice! I suffered but it was a good sign of improvement in the one area I need help - hill climbing.

Today brought iffy weather so I opted for a sleep in(which I rarely permit myself) then headed to the gym mid day for some core strength work and weight training. In hinesite my focus on core strength over the winter has paid good dividends; I feel stronger, my endurance is much better and I have more power. I do need to refocus on my diet as I have back tracked in that regard and need to pay more attention to nutritional details. I`ll start tomorrow.

I`m hoping to make the crit series on Wednesday for some high intensity training, an easy club ride on Saturday and then the Riverport road race on Sunday. The Master B pack has some serious competitors, including four fellow BPCCers who have been dominating thus far this year. As always I look for PB`s but will gladly accept the role of domestique if it means the club can dominate the podium once again.


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