Friday, June 22, 2007

Vacation Friday

Last day of vacation for this month. Awoke to a spirited spin class with Cynthia at Nubody`s at 9:15 AM.Just me and Carl representing the male species today. Rough huh?

Home to sunshine and the deck to work on blending out the bike(re;farmers)tan before Josh got home for lunch. Mon and I then went to the Lone Star in the afternoon for a meal. MMMMMMMMM......Tex/Mex food. Priceless!

Picked Chelsea up at school and ran into Marilyn; a former employee at Maritime Life. Had a chat and found out she is also competing in the Investor`s Group Triathlon in a couple weeks. Cool!

Home(pt 2) to the front deck(I follow the sun) after some afternoon rain to continue the bronzing of the body while having a few beers and a glass or two of wine. Chatted with the neighbors but generally people watched on a beautiful Friday evening.

Looking forward to a spirited club ride and some decent milage tomorrow if the weather cooperates.........stay tuned.


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