Friday, June 15, 2007

Vacation Prelude - Friday Night Anniversary Selection

My first week of vacation starts today. Here`s hoping the dreafully wet weather stops soons so I can work on the tan next week since the kids are still in school and I have an empty agenda for the most part.

The Riverport road race is on Sunday and I`m hoping to head to the Shore and visit Mother on Wednesday but other than that I have no plans. Today is my wedding anniversary as well but Mon is working so I guess we will celebrate next week. Perhaps a nice brunch.

A McWilliams Shiraz is tonight`s selection. C`mon sun......I need a good pre race ride tomorrow.



Laura Blacker said...

Happy Anniversary! Say "hi" to Aunt Emily and Grammy for me when you see her on Wednesday.

Adrien said...

Hi Geo - I'm just getting back to the city and catching up on all my email/facebook/Paceline/Geo blogs since I was out of email reach for a few days... happy anniversary (belated), happy father's day and great effort in the race! Oh, and of course, enjoy your week of vacation...