Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Balance 767

This morning I was up early and off to the gym for a quick workout/treadmill run so I could be home to catch the Tour De France. I managed a 20 minutes run(2[ish] miles)with periodic increases in speed and incline to push the envelope and see how the body responds. So far so good. Back feels fine as does the knees and feet.

During the Tour coverage I did some surfing on the internet after doing the "wet foot" test to reconfirm my arch. It turns out I(still) have a normal(medium)arch with mild overpronation and would require a stability shoe with moderate arch support and medial stability. Being a heavy runner I would also require a shoe with good stiffness and durability.

Armed with a shortlist of potential shoes that fit my criteria and budget I headed off to Cleve`s for some reconnaisance only to discover they had a sale in effect. As a result I ended up opting for the New Balance 767 shoe over the Nike Air Structure Triax 9.

I still have $100 left in my Wellness account at work that I had reserved for the purchase of a time trial helmet but since the delivery of the Giro helmet to the shop is delayed and the last ITT being cancelled in the BNS 2007 schedule I will use the funds for my shoe purchase.

No excuses now.......have shoes must run. I will start doing more intense treadmill work as well as some outside running, albeit at a slow pace while evaluating how the body handles the regimen change.



Jeanne said...


I just bought a running book at chapters (ChiRunning: a revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running). I'm in the same boat as you - hoping to avoid injury. (: I'll let you know what I learn!


George said...

Nice. The mag Runner`s World has an awesome website with some interesting articles and advice features. Worth taking a look at from time to time.

Gotta tell you I`m feeling my modest 2 mile effort this morning. Mostly in my hips. It`s not pain but more a general stiffness.