Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rolf Devinci Running? worries. Cycling remains the focus but I have decided to start running again. There are a couple reasons behind this decision; the improvement of my lower back issues and a way to increase my overall fitness.

Over the last couple years my focus on core strength has really helped my lower back issues that stem from a group of weak lower back muscles. In the past they were always under degrees of stress and impact sports, including running, would eventually cause them to spasm. It was primarily the reason why I also switched to ballhockey goaltending as the combination of my wonky back and hard gym floors did not auger well.

I have also noticed a trend within the club to travel outside of the municipality to do longer training rides,specifically to enjoy the lack of traffic on quiet country roads. The popular spot is the Annapolis Valley which adds at least 2 hours of travel time on any projected ride. My family obligations preclude me from joining these jaunts for the most part as I find it difficult to allocate 5-6 hours on a Saturday/Sunday. As aresult I have no distance training in the books thus far this year with a 93K ride around Prggy`s Cove the longest to date.

As a result my training on the bike has focused on shorter, more intense efforts such as time trials and criteriums. By adding running back into my regimen I have another training option to supplement what cycling I do manage to complete.

A very modest 10 minutes on the treadmill at Nubody`s tonight to warmup before some weight training to shake off 7 years of running rust. I need to purchase some new sneakers before I attempt anything more serious but I will start with treadmill work and gradually increase my speed and distance.

Who knows.......maybe a duathlon or some 5/10 km run competitions may be in the future if the body can handle the rigors of running?



The Dickinsons said...

Get a good pair of shoes, some loose shorts and a Ipod with your favourite tunes and you'll be all set. Only 2 more weekends until I do the 10 km only goal is to finish, even it means crawling across the finish line with my nose hairs!


George said...

Crikey! No flies on you Steve. Geesh......wasn`t it only a couple weeks ago you decided to start running and you have a 10K on the radar already?

Nice! I look forward to the run recap! Go get em!