Monday, July 16, 2007

Weekend Update - Vacation Week #2

It was a good weekend! Attended the Garfield Gilson Memorial club ride on Saturday and I was glad to see the weather cooperated and we had a nice turnout on a ride to remember our buddy who passed away during a club ride in 2005.
I rode with the executive(and long time friends of Garfield) on a slow pace out to Laurie Park but them jumped in a faster ride back to Bedford.

Saturday night I had a few drinks with friends......I am on vacation.

Sunday morning brought a spirited fast ride out ro Enfield with the "fast boys" and then a slower, albeit steady paced, return to Bedford with Troy,Kevin and Rene. The tempo dropped but we were facing a headwind all the way back to the shop. With just 4 riders the paceline worked well heading home and my legs "felt the love" later that day.

Sunday night we got out for a family meal which was nice.

Just back from the gym on a Monday morning. Slept in till 8AM then off to attend Cynthia`s 45 minute spin class which was an awesome workout. Managed to get some core work done and ran just over a mile on the treadmill for a shakedown run with the new sneakers. They felt great and so did I, even after a hard tempo`ed cycling class.

According to the weather forecast the sun should arrive this afternoon so we are heading off to Maskwa for an afternoon of sunshine,relaxing and swimming.


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