Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Night Wine - Bolla Merlot.

Tonight`s selection is a 2006 Bolla Merlot. A medium dry red..."...soft with flavors of dark ripe cherries, berries and plums."

Revisiting one of my favs,Merlots were my wine of choice when I began seeking something other than the usual Reislings and other whites.I generally find Merlots to be easy drinking reds with less tannins for softer,fruity flavors.The Bolla is a nice light selection with cherry flavors definitely noticable that pairs well with a variety of foods.

I was in Bridgewater today and managed to spend some time with my sisters; Connie and Carol. Both were working but we managed to grab some time and chat. The subject of wine came up as did some advice for my newly minted wine drinking siblings(wink).

Here`s what I above I think both of you should consider medium dry wines to start. They generally have less tannins than dry/very dry wines which makes them easier to drink and does not leave a strong astringent aftertaste. Wine can be like scotch or stout in that it takes awhile to acquire a taste so starting with more softer wines might be the best choice. If you find them too sweet or soft then try something more bold or dry. That said here are some recent suggestions that I remember......

Easy Drinking;

Jost Prima Rosa - an easy drinking red from Nova Scotia with a "berry fruity jam character" Sells for around $10.

Piat D`or - In the French section of the NSLC this is a very "fruity" wine with little or no tannins. Purists would say it is grape juice for adults but for anyone starting out drinking red wine it will be a nice easy introduction.Same price point at around $10.

More Balanced(but still easy drinking);

Masi Modello Rosso Delle Venezie - A medium dry this is a very nice selection. It has a little more bite than the above selections..." fruity, well structured and quaffable."Sells for about $13 found in the Italian section.

Trapiche Pinot Noir - see my previous post from Wednesday. Nice wine with an excellent price...just over $10. In the South American section of the NSLC.

There are several other selections at the NSLC.......just read the labels or bin cards. Look more the medium dry labels or descriptions indicating "less tanins" or "soft". One of the other issues is most reds are to be consumed at room temperature. Personally I like my reds between 16-18C depending on the brand(and how warm you keep your house)so a little chilling may help you acquire a taste if the thought of warm wine is not appealing. Many brands will suggest the ideal serving temperature on the label.

Connie - As for white wine you have some options.....if you like medium to sweet just look for Reislings in the German sections. There are plenty and are consumed chilled. Masi also makes a nice Soave and a white Modello Delle Venezie for around $13 and Pinot Grigio is popular with most Italian vinyards. Both are served chilled...usually around 12C.

It all comes down to personal taste...what I like you may not. The process is to try different vintages and brands till you find one that suits you. I prefer dry reds but still enjoy more softer Merlots,Pinot Noirs and Cabinet Sauvignon blends. It depends on my mood and my meal.

Last word of advice....while in the NSLC just browse the racks. Selections that are popular are usually the ones in need of restocking. That`s usually a good sign.....folk will buy wine that is a good value, tastes good or both.Check out the "on sale" brands too.....periodically the NSLC features wines and will drop the price as part of a promotion.

Good luck and enjoy the process.


Anonymous said...

Hey Geo! Merry Christmas... I usually check out Rolf every week to see what's new.

I'm enjoying a cold Holsten Festbock brew right now after taking the day off, cleaning the house, and engulfing the house in the season's festive sounds pending Darla's arrival home from work.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and Chelsea enjoys the chocolate countdown to the big day!!!

Merry Christmas!!!


George said...

Hiya Jim;

Season`s greetings to you and yours as well.
Housework and beer sounds like a good

Not much happening hereabouts in "hunker down and drink" winter mode.C`mon Spring!

I guess you`re a skier/snowboarder so the forecast of a snowy winter must make you happy.