Friday, January 18, 2008

African Smiles - It`s Friday Night!

End of another week!Got soaked during the usual Metro Transit commuting routine after work with high winds and pelting rain. Could be worse....usually in January it is driving snow.

Had a nice surprise when I got home feeling rather sodden and cranky. Not only did I have a bottle of Masi Modello Delle Venezie in the basement for just a miserable night but I got a letter today in the post.

This is not a commonly known fact but many years ago I decided to give back to the global community and sponsor a child through Foster Parents Plan Canada. I tend to keep my charitable works close to my chest but this is kinda neat.I asked for the next child on the list,regardless of gender, religion or nationality and became a foster parent to Djouwera Batchana, a Muslim girl in the West African nation of Togo.

In the mail today I got an update letter from Plan Togo, outlining how my sponsorship benefits Djouwera, her family and community. Also included were a couple photos. In the past photos Djouwera always appeared so sad and solemn so it was a nice surprise to see a smiling, happy girl. She is now 15....where did the years go? She is healthy, still attends school and wants to be a nurse.

How cool is that? I`m lifting my charitable acts gag order this time to share the photos. The wine tastes sweeter tonight because of African smiles.



The Dickinsons said...

those are great photos! she looks so happy and content!

Adrien said...

Very cool photos, Geo! Hope you had a good night with the Masi!

Writesome said...

Heartwarming...especially after the driving rain. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

George Henley, you are just full of surprises. You are too cool. What a difference you have made for that girl. Have another glass of wine, you deserve it.