Thursday, January 24, 2008

Inspiring Tale of Determination Part 2

In my September 08 2007 post I wrote about a friend(S)who crashed during the bike leg of a triathlon yet finished the competition only to find out later in Nova Scotia the extent of the damage.

After months of rehab it was determined that surgery was necessary to fix the shoulder(see photo)which requires a bone graph from the hip(see photo). I quote;

One week post surgery. Turns out that besides the broken clavicle that needed a plate, I also have a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), most likely caused from being immobilized in the sling the first time around. The surgeon manipulated the shoulder while I was under anesthesia to help break up the scar tissue that had formed. Fun, fun, it feels like someone took a baseball bat and hit me about 20 times.

Upon looking at the pics I commented that post op must not have been a pleasant experience and S replied(I quote);

Not so much, couldn't tolerate any pain meds. because of extreme nausea, just went with regular tylenol once I got out of the hospital.`

Crikey. Hang in there Champ.Hopefully the surgery and rehab will be an overwhelming success and you will finally heal. I cannot fathom the misery you have experienced over the last 5 months so best wishes and a speedy recovery. It still blows me away that you got back on the bike that day and completed the run portion of the race. Determination or just sheer stubborness you have it in spades!

You rock! Be well!


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The Dickinsons said...

wow. ouch. get well soon S!!!