Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Night Wine..........Huh?

Have I lost it? Dazed and confused? Thursday Night wine.......what gives? Chelsea won tickets to the Halifax Mooseheads tomorrow night so in lieu of my usual Friday night wine indulgence I am having a glass of 2005 Valle de Colchagua merlot tonight. Estate bottled by Vina Chilcaya it has...."Cherry and plum flavors supported by a hint of toasty oak and vibrant acidity..."

Having picked up the bottle before Christmas just to stock up in case of company and needing a merlot I opted to give it a try. I generally like merlots and this is OK.It has an unique flavor and, perhaps,it is the "toasty oak" alluded to in the promo. Nice deep red color and it does make your cheeks tingle.

What a bloody day. I slept in so it was a frantic rush to get to work,forgot about garbage day so that was an additional delay and it was COLD! Hovering around -30 with a NNW windchill. Crikey - I near perished standing at the bus stop. Got to Mumford and watched my connecting bus depart as I was getting off the 4 Fairview. Ugh! Ended up walking the remainder in the lovely balmy weather! Work was insane with everyone trying to catch up from the Christmas break in one day. Got home to find an email from Josh`s math teacher informing me that he was struggling with integers.

(insert blank Homer stare)

What the #%@%! I tried to help but frankly I am incapable of doing grade 8 mathematics. Needless to say I will need to arrange to get him some help.....either after school or a tutor. Swell.....I was hoping my children would not inherit the complete ineptitude I possess for algebra.(sigh)

After burning my salmon preoccupied with -6 - (24- -20 - -12) = ? I went to the gym.Managed a 1.5 mile run with interval sprints, ab work and some weight training;specifically quads, hamstrings and calves.My shoulder/neck remains a misery wrapped up in a pain which is frustraing me to no end.

Pass the bloody merlot.(wink)

The good news is I have my diet on track. Various research indicates that men should try and eat/drink the following on a daily basis to stay strong, healthy and young; nuts(specifically almonds and walnuts), cold water fish(omega 3`s), dairy(low fat milk, cheese and yogurt),red wine(in moderation), olive oil, blueberries(and other berries), spinach(and other leafy greens/veggies),oatmeal, coffee/tea, moderation of course(2 ounces daily)and lots of fresh, clean water. Who says you have to quit all the good stuff. When I actually sit down and think about it I consume all of these on a regular daily basis.Nice!

Even better I have two children who eat spinach salads, salmon, nuts, raw veggies and assorted dairy without a second thought. I might not be able to help them with homework but at least I can feed them good food.Guess I`m not a total incomptent father......(wink).

OK.(Geo puts soapbox away)


The Dickinsons said...

Hey Geo...that's a bummer about Josh having trouble with math. You should give my friend Lorianne a call. She's a junior high math teacher and at the moment she's subbing and does some tutoring and she just lives down the street from you guys...let me know if you want her phone number and I'll send it to you...

Sara said...

This is the trick to algebra.....remember "BEDMAS"....the key word, you go in the order of solving...Brackets, equations, divsion, multiply, add, subtract. Then answer....pretty easy that way.