Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time Trials

My main cycling objective for the 2008 season is the individual time trial discipline. With at least two races on the BNS race schedule, a BPCC and Cyclesmith club time trial series, the Investors Group Team triathlon event and a possible duathlon(or more depending upon my run training)I decided in the Fall of 2007 to focus my attention upon some needed equipment.

By selling spare equipment and cycling apparel on Ebay I was able to procure the following; Pez bullhorn handlebar,stem and aerobars, Dura Ace 9 speed bar end shifters complete with cables and a set of Cane Creek aerobrakes and cables. The premise being I would add the ITT setup on my road bike when needed. It would be a hassle switching back and forth but is a necessary evil as I cannot justify the cash outlay for a time trial specific bike for such a limited schedule. As it stands now any major purchase would be a drivetrain upgrade to my current road bike and the original Shimano 9 speed Ultegra-105 group.

That said it seems I might be in a situation where I can pick up a used road bike that sounds like it would be a perfect fit based upon the specs of the frame. Not wanting to count my chickens before they hatch I am quite happy to know I(potentially)can build up an ITT specific bike for this season without blowing the (limited)cycling budget.

I have allotted my employee Wellness Account dollars towards an aero helmet so come Spring I may be well equipped to tackle the time trial discipline if the used road bike purchase comes to fruition. Cross my fingers.



Anonymous said...


The bars look great. Its too bad there's not more time trial races, I always enjoy watching them. I really want to get a road bike sometime soon, I see lots of group riders out lately and I long for a road bike. Unfortunitly I also long for a few other expensive things...Cari actually mentioned that she would like to get a road bike....I was surprised.


The Dickinsons said...

i think i feel inspired by a certain blog i read........;)