Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Morning - A Gym Wall Flower.

As promised I headed to Nubody`s in the morning to attempt the spin class. Been a week since I did any physical activity and I needed an adreneline boost. I ended up with a bike but gave it up to Carole, a club mate ay BPCC. I planned on doing an easy spin but know myself too well. I would hammer the class as usual and end up making my shoulder/neck miserable.

Went in to do some core work and the little I did on the Swiss ball and floor has caused a return to some tension to my upper body. Skipping the spin class was,in hinesight,a smart choice.

While on the subject I think most of my issues are related to the ergonomics of my work station. After my second session with the doc I got an ergonomic assessment booklet from my supervisor and quickly realized how wrong my station was; my chair was too low, the monitor to high and my mouse at the wrong elevation. Having fixed the first two I am getting a keyboard tray installed that will put the mouse/keyboard in the proper positioning.

Whether my work station was the cause of my issues or just aggravated an existing condition is unclear but it should(and has)helped.As mentioned it has been an issue since I moved to Records back in 2005 and has become progressively worse over time.

The good news is my lower back has never been better so I have hope that my current problems can also be addressed. Sucks getting old! As a result my morning at the gym was more of a social thing, my lack of actual work making me a Saturday morning wallflower....LOL.(wink)


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