Friday, March 07, 2008

Hola - Sangre de Toro! It`s Friday Night!

Tonight`s selection is a(Spanish)red wine, a 2005 Torres Sangre de Toro;"....(made from)the highly prized grapes of the region,Garnacha and Carinena."
I have never sampled a Spanish wine let alone have any familiarity with these particular grape varietals so it was a pleasure to open the bottle. Very nice.

It comes on the heels of a very busy week at work. There are some changes afoot and I expect to inherit additional duties as part of a department reorganization. Alas...they keep paying me and I keep The weather has been very Spring like so I am getting anxious to get back on the bike but at the same time I have been very surly. Not quite sure why other than I`m just getting more cranky with age.

Perhaps I need to have Friday night wine twice a week.....(wink).

The good news is my treatments with Dr. B have been a success and I`m feeling pretty darn good. Still some residual stiffness but my neck/shoulders feel much improved. Time goes ahead tomorrow so that`s awesome......longer days mean more potential training time earlier in the season.

The kids are heading into March break so that means no homework to worry about! Whoohoooo....I might be working but it`s still a vacation in that I don`t have to be the homework warden next week. I`m gonna go to the gym every night just because I

Heading to spin class in the morning and ball hockey Sunday. With about a month left of hockey I will soon be free to get on the bike and start training on Sundays.

Fill the glass with more of "The son of the Bull".......Geo`s chilling at home drinking a nice Spanish red.Have a great weekend all.


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