Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jackson-Triggs....It`s Thursday Night!

Happy Easter;
Since Good Friday is a holiday hereabouts it was a short work week and in the glass tonight is a Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Savignon. A Canadian selection it is "vinted in cool climate style, our full bodied with subtle blackcurrent....a dry, well balanced wine with pleasing notes of tannin and oak on the palate."

The vintners are also the official supplier to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

I am still holding out hope to get in the first ride of the 2008 season on Saturday but the forecast is looking borderline at best. Regardless I swapped out the dingy, dirty white bar tape with new Easton cork tape. A powerful value I got it retail for just over $10(CDN)and comes with real nice bar plugs. I prefer the look of white as it matches my bike frame`s graphics but gets dirty so quickly, especially since I do not wear gloves. Sweat, dust and sunscreen doesn`t compliment white bar tape.I picked up good old basic black. Black is the new white this summer season....right?

No word on my ITT bike yet but there is no hurry.I figure I`ll hear back from the shop next week. They had to order in a bottom bracket and cassette to complete the build. Unfortunately no club offered to host the Provincial time trial for 2008 which is depressing. It`s my favorite event on a great course. Hopefully AVCC will renew for this summer although they missed the BNS deadline and it may not qualify towards the points series. That may effect the number of participants but since I don`t race every event it is a mute point to me.

That said BPCC is hosting the Wentworth race in July and we have decided to make it a stage race by adding an ITT in the morning with the road race in the afternoon. I was planning on working the event but with a time trial in the mix I will have to race. Rumor has it the fledgling Gleneagle cycling club(made up of current BPCC members)may host a time trial as well. That would be cool and a good way to support our sister club.

Heading down to the Shore for Easter day and a family meal on Sunday. It will be good to see the crew again.Looking forward to a belly bursting scoff of food.(wink).

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