Monday, March 03, 2008

Sports Hydration

From the club`s MSN Group....

"Exercise performance is highly dependent on hydration. A loss of just 1% of your body weight (from sweat) will increase your average heart rate by 5-10 bpm and decrease your exercise performance. A big part of staying hydrated is understanding YOUR body and knowing your sweat rate. It's easy to do on your next workout. First, weigh yourself before you exercise. Then consume your regular amount of fluid during activity. Weigh yourself after exercise. If you are the same weight, then you did a great job hydrating your body. Chances are you will have lost some weight. Each pound you lose means you should have drank an additional 500mL (0.5 L) fluid. For example, a cyclist weighs 165 lbs before a ride and consumes 1.5L of fluid during a 3 hour ride. Post-ride the cyclist weighs in at 163 lbs. He needs to consume an additional liter of fluid during this 3 hour ride - for a total of 2.5 L to maintain hydration...."

I will admit I do not hydrate enough, especially when cycling outside. I need to change that. After today`s 40 minute spin class I determined I need to drink at least 30% more fluid. I will test the formula at hockey this weekend and fully expect to see quite a discrepancy.

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