Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Night Extra Stout!

No I am not talking about my waistline although there is a potential causal relationship. Friday night wine has been pre-empted for a special edition of Friday Night Stout.

I read somewhere that food cravings could possibly be your bodys signal that it is in need of certain nutrients.For whatever reason I have had strong desires to indulge in a Guinness Extra Stout....or two. On the way home from work I picked up a six pack but made a deal with myself that I would earn the delicious dark brew.

The weather was nice today with rain forecasted for the weekend so I got on the bike and did a 50km solo ride out Kearney Lake to Kingswood, a large subdivision on Hammonds Plains road. There I enjoyed the wide streets and little traffic and did some hill intervals and riding in the drops to reaquaint the body with my road bike.

On the return trip down Kearney Lake road there was a front end loader driving in the bike lane to facilitate traffic getting past. I had a full head of steam cycling down a sweeping section so I came roaring past him out of the saddle. I would have loved to see the reaction on the drivers face when he got In the drops I maintained about 44kph till I reached the highway overpass before turning up Parkland towards Clayton Park. It sure felt awesome to just hammer away in bike lanes that were nicely swept....good job HRM.

So here I sit enjoying a Guinness and loving the burn in the quads. is the best recovery drink!

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